Friday, 2 March 2012

Justice Hentai

Whats time is it? Time for a new review! 

The lucky site today is I learned of this site threw a banner on Hentai Foundry I as searching for some hot Supergirl hentai and noticed the banner and decided to look in to it.

I joined up for one month just to check out what in there cool aid. When you reach the members area you will first see what the most recent up date with a little blog from the team telling you what the idea behind the picture was its the normal stuff you see with any update. 

I then explored the gallery and was surprised to see that they actually divide there galleries by characters, I thought this was great and made it quicker and easier to surf for my favorites. Each picture is of high quality and great style they mostly deal in the Dc animated style which they do very well but all comic styles are welcome.

I also noticed that there are some Marvel cuties in there gallery I believe they called it a Marvel expansion. I thought it was a welcome to see Marvel girls on the site there are only four so far Sue Richards (Invisible Women) Elektra, Mary Jane Watson and Storm there galleries are newer and don't have as many images in them but did a great job with the marvel characters they added.

They also have a comics section with a number of books when I wrote this review I have only read 3 of the comics but I was very impressed with them. The art is the same high quality as the pin-up art and the stories fit the characters personality's. As a comic fan I enjoyed that the writers have a wide knowledge of the characters and use it in the comics. One thing to note is that the comics are done more in the tone of a story with sex in it then sex with a story with that said there is plenty of nudity and fan service to keep you satisfied .
The best feature of this site is its forum that is attached to. There you will be able to make a turn based fan request what means you as a member get to dictate what is being shown on the site by designing a pin-up. Just fill the out there template and post it, the turn around time all depends on how many people are in front of you so it could be a few months. I think this idea of letting every member get a turn to design a picture is awesome and all others hentai site should take note.

Justice hentai is the best site I have reviewed so far the content is great and its obvious that this site care about its members and want there input which is genius to me. They have a large collection of art work and is updated with a new picture 4 times a week. For the price of admission I strongly suggest you check out this site.

Pros: High quality art, Large variety of characters, Turned based members request, Well written comics, Only 19.95

Cons: Wait time for you turned based request.

Rating: 5/5


In an effort of keeping every ones tastes and fetishes in consideration today's update is I learned of this site from a forum were they were posting random images from the members area. When you arrive at the home page you will see art from past updates and previews of the new updates to see what you are getting into before the sign up.

On to the members zone Sheanimale is updated every 3 days with a set of pictures the set are 12 pictures in length. It is broken into 3 sub genres Hentai, Cartoon and 3D. Hentai is done in a more anime style and was my favorite of the 3 there are 2 different artist that do the Hentai style there both good but Dezam is the best artist on the site. 

The Cartoon section is weaker then Hentai the most recent sets that have been done with comic panels with little going on in them and they looked to be out of order because the story and pacing was all over the place. There is 2 artist doing the Cartoon style and they both are ok AB lust does do some guest set which are more fetishy then there other content (4 foot long dicks) and the seem out of place but they do not show up to often. 

Now for the 3D section this was in no means my favorite the program there artist uses makes the characters look lifeless and dull and I wish they did a bit more with them. One thing that confused me was that for some reason there are two parts to each set. This was an issue to me because I did not like the art and it seemed forced to make them longer. 

Some cool features Sheanimale does have is the send us your story section here you can write a short story and if they like it they will make it the time for the finished set varies from 3 to 6 weeks. I really enjoyed seeing that the members of this site had some creative input on the content being shown I think that awesome.

So if your into Shemale hentai you might want to give Sheanimale a shot it was the best site I have seen so far with its type of content.

Pros. Large selection of content, Hentai section, Member input (send us your story) and Update every 3 days!

Cons: Weak 3d section with multi part updates, high price for membership 30 dollars a month or 100 for 6.

Rating: 3.5/5

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Online Superheroes.

For my first review I picked a site called I have a thing for comic book hotties and this is the first superhero hentai site that I learned of. I thought I would give it a try and sign up for the 4.95 three day full trial.When you go to the home page and see the art that it is layered in you think that is going to be the quality of the art in the members area,Sadly this is not the case the members area is full sets of picture there about five to six pages in length but they are very weak cartoony art that does not fit the characters they are trying to depict many times I could not tell if the women was suppost to be without having to read the story that comes along with the set.

 These stories are only a paragraph and don't do much other then try to explain who you are suppost to be looking at. They do out of place cosplay set with characters like Homer Simpson dressed as Superman that are suppost to be a fun change of pace but they fall flat and are not welcome.

There was one artist that I thought did a alright job with the characters but one out of four is not what I want if i'm paying. There is a large collection of these sets 57 pages of them and the set do have many different sexual acts in them most are normal but there are a few fetish set with Bondage and even Pegging. The large backlog is one of the few the site has going for it. One other plus is that there is a new set every three to four days. But at the end of the day this is not a good hentai site. If you are looking for sexy Superhero art I suggest you look for it somewhere else.

Pros: Big Backlog and Updated every three or four days. Also 4.95 full trial.

Cons: Weak and inconsistent art, The price of a full month membership 34.95 is way too high from what your getting.



Welcome to my blog!!!

Hello I am the Hentai Judge and I am here for one reason and one reason only review Hentai for you. I am just one man that is a huge pervert and has free time on his hands. No lets get into why I am here and what has made me want to start this blog There are millions of hentai sites out there and I am here to make sure you don't sign up of a crap one. There is nothing that makes my blood boil more then when people waste there hard earned money on paysites that do not deliver the goods.

I will review paysite and give you the scoop and there you have the info and know what your going into. If you want me to review a site just post a reply and I will get cracking on it. Now that the intro is out of the way lets talk hentai!